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Plumbing repair December 9, 2011

I am happy to report that J J &L fly by night Contracting have completed their contract on time, under budget, overworked, under fed, confused, and the list goes on, to the damaged waste lines. They have all been removed and the new PVC lines installed and the restroom upstairs in now fully operational once again. The hardest part of this contract was cleaning up the entire kitchen area to which we all owe Leah a great deal of gratitude. She worked extremely hard on this part of the project. You will have to stop by and look at the kitchen to fully appreciate what she done. Take notice and let's make an attempt to keep it this way.

For those of you who were not able to stop by during repairs I have included some pictures of the damaged piping. Take a moment and ask yourself, as I did "How did this happen?" I do not know but as I previously stated I talked with Dustin Gabhardt @ Pipe Dreams about this scenario and he informed me it was a couple of things; age of the pipe and more importantly, sewer gas. That is what scared me just a little and encouraged me to get this problem fixed, asap. Had it not been for the gas that was still coming into the entire building I may have waited until next stated to talk about the repairs.

I did not know the estimated cost of these repairs when I started. After getting the old piping out I guessed it to be around $150.00. I am very happy to report that it was less than that. Through some minor donations of materials the total bill for these repairs is $83.01. We were fortunate this time to escape without anyone getting sick from the gas and the cost of the materials but that may not continue on in the future. Our building is getting old. Things like this piping are going to be a more common occurrence as time goes by. We have made some great strides over the past few years to replace worn out, inefficient things in the Lodge but we are approaching some exterior maintenance projects that just simply cannot be fixed overnight and with out additional funding. Think about it.

If you noticed in the "governor's" job duties you saw "rope holder" listed. This was an important job and the project could not have been completed without his expertise in rope holding. One part of the piping was much, much to heavy to remove without some form of rope assistance. The "governor" volunteered to hold the rope while I did the cutting. When I made the final cut and the piping started down, it lifted him off the ground by his rope holding right arm. I carefully helped him get back to the ground and lower the pipe. Although his rope holding arm is now about 4 inches longer than his non-rope holding arm he has a distinct advantage at family dinners. He can reach farther across the table to retrieve biscuits and/or desserts without asking.

I have left the piping in the utility room for anyone who wants a piece to take home. Please pick out your piece at the installation of officers because they will be disposed of the next day if all pieces are not gone.

PM John


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