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Outside light repair

Brethren, I am happy to report that the outside light has been fixed and is operational as we speak.....we were fortunate to find the part(s) to repair it.
Although the governor/superintendent was not present today we made a decision to go ahead and do our best to accomplish the task of providing "more light" to our brethren who are departing our Lodge after it becomes dark.
Thanks again to Bro. Casey Allen for loaning Bro. Dave Franklin & myself some scaffolding to surround the light pole and attack the problem. After removing the globe and inspecting all parts it was determined that the transformer/capacitor was bad. We made a small wager among ourselves that we would be laughed at several times when we showed the ancient parts to someone in pursuit of a new one. We were right. The first place we stopped the "gentleman" indicated to us that the transformer probably came to America on the Mayflower. Hmm, let's go somewhere else. Lo & behold we went to the 2nd place and the salesperson knew exactly what we had and informed us that he, indeed, had one. While we were there I checked the price of a new light, something similar to the one we had, as we took the old light with us also but after learning the cost of the light I decided it would be better if we didn't change the fixture.
Thanks also to Bro. Dave Franklin for his continued dedication in assisting with any/all work that needs to be done at the Lodge. With he & I we have "brains/brawn" although he has most of both I had the key to the Lodge to let him in and use the bathroom.
For those of you that have not been by the Lodge lately the grass is growing and looks very, very good. I will mow it again before stated. The shrubs/flowers are looking great and the border/mulch has been put down.
Thanks to all who have donated time/materials/labor in our endeavor to enhance the appearance of our Lodge.
Bro. PM John Voorhies


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